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Designing and ordering furniture

Assistance in designing and ordering furniture

Modern technology gives us the ability to implement individual projects with unique design. The use of innovative technologies, accessories, mechanisms and materialiy from industry-leading companies are a guarantee of quality.

Design. Proper zoning and distribution of individual modules in the premises guarantees the harmony, comfort and functionality when dealing with them.

Mechanisms. The new system allows with the convenience and ease of movement when using them. Full extension mechanism is the ability for soft and silent closing. SERVO-DRIVE – electric system of European openness, with slight pressure in the frontal elements. AVENTOS – the simplicity of actions when servicing the upper cabinets, fluidity and easy operation, the positioning and their elegant design will allow you to impress and satisfy any of your requirements. Cabinet width min - elements for embedding... a Variety of mechanisms contributes to the comfort and long service life in accordance with the individual needs of the client.

Materials. Implementation of quality furniture is possible through the use of modern, high-quality materials from leading European manufacturers EGGER, WODEGO, SALEX, BUCHINA, SALICE and many more. Rich range of colors, materials and coatings to implement creative ideas furniture fair, the Studio FORMICA.

Installation. Precision manufacturing of furniture, verify its impeccable and responsible team work at every stage – from concept to installation.


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