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Legal services

Legal services

Your Russian-speaking Bulgarian lawyer: Registration of company and business, support of transactions with real estate, immigration services, other legal assistance.

Legal advice

  • consultation of the lawyer in a criminal case
  • consultation of the lawyer in a civil case

Preparation of legal documents and registration of transactions
  • to prepare a document in a civil case
  • to prepare a document to the Prosecutor and the Supervisory authority
  • to draw up a draft Treaty to make a deal

Participation in the courts
  • trial lawyer in the criminal process
  • litigation lawyer in civil proceedings
  • lawyer Executive production

Transaction support and business, notarial acts
  • support of activities of legal entities
  • preparation and examination of economic contracts
  • development of normative base of the enterprise
  • accounting
  • subscription service
  • taxes VAT refund
  • notarial acts

Registration and liquidation of companies
  • registration and liquidation of companies (LLC, etc.)
  • registration and liquidation of joint stock companies
  • the establishment of representative offices and branches.
  • registration and liquidation of non-profit organizations
  • legal address, office space

Migration assistance of a lawyer and the lawyer
  • migration assistance the European Union

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