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Legal issues

Legal issues

Do I need to register if you live in Bulgaria?
Every foreigner on the territory of Bulgaria is obliged to register within 48 hours of entering the country to declare the address where he lives, for administrative control over foreigners or the regional police at the place of residence. Registration requires that the foreigner reported his surname, name and patronymic, date of birth, citizenship, series and number of the document proving his identity. The alien must provide information about all changes to the ' stay in for 48 hours.

Physical and legal persons, granted asylum to a foreign person, within 48 hours must inform the office of the administrative control of foreigners or district police station at the place of residence. If a foreign person resides in a hotel that the duty is implemented from officials working at the reception Desk. In the case of the private person the duty to register foreign entity falls on the landlord.

What should you do if you are a victim of crime in Bulgaria?
The foreigner must apply at the Consulate of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, as well as the competent law enforcement and judicial authorities.

Does the right of Foreigners to appeal to the Bulgarian court?
All citizens who participate in the ship's course, equal before the law. Not allowed privileges or limitations on grounds of nationality, origin, religion, sex, race, education, social and financial situation.

The court and the bodies of pre-trial proceedings, apply the laws strictly and equally to all citizens.

Ship the process is conducted in Bulgarian language. If a foreign national has no command of Bulgarian, in this case, he can speak in their native language or to appoint an interpreter.

The accused has the right to protection. The accused and other citizens who are involved in the ship process, provided all procedural means necessary to protect their rights and legitimate interests.

The court and the bodies of pre-trial proceedings, the accused and explain to other citizens who are involved in the ship process their procedural rights and provide an opportunity to implement them.

Does a foreign citizen the right to a Bulgarian lawyer?
A foreign citizen may be submitted in court a Bulgarian lawyer and the lawyer of the state.

In accordance with the Law on advocacy, a citizen of another country who has acquired a law making power, under the law of their country may appear before the judicial authorities of the Republic of Bulgaria as the defender of the verification officer or citizen on a particular criminal case together with a Bulgarian lawyer in the case, when provided in the contract between the Bulgarian and the foreign state or on the basis of reciprocity, if the advance request to the Chairperson of the bar Association.

States that have reciprocity, are determined by the Minister of justice at the request of the Chairman of the bar Association.

Can I buy a property in Bulgaria?
The scheme of purchasing real estate in Bulgaria is quite simple. Selling it (including the earth) is allowed to legal entities registered in accordance with Bulgarian legislation. Moreover, the composition of the founders is irrelevant, that is, the foreigner can own up to 100 % of the capital. For processing the transaction, it is sufficient to have a passport. The Bulgarian Parliament adopted changes in the Constitution, due to which foreign citizens can easily buy land.

The legislation allows the purchase of apartments for foreign individual, foreign legal entity and local entities. Not prohibit the registration of the company at the address of the apartment and use it as an office.
This applies to apartments that are decorated foreign individuals.
The owners of the apartments who are not citizens of Bulgaria have the same rights as the Bulgarians, including the right of rental.

Houses, hotels, restaurants and other buildings
Purchase of buildings may be those same persons who have the right to buy and apartments. Land under building and adjacent land to sell to foreigners is prohibited. As a way out to conclude a lease of land for a long period for a nominal fee. In practice, when selling the building in its value is always included and the cost of the land. It is a small part (1 - 10%), so high rents is misplaced. This option is suitable when buying a home for periodic short-term visits, for example, for a summer vacation. If the buyer intends to reside permanently in Bulgaria, with the purchase of a building on an individual, the plot is better to issue the firm. Will be composed of 2 notarial acts: the building and land. In the standard case, when buying and building and land on the same person is issued one title deed.

Land and forests
Sale of land and forests to foreigners is prohibited. This applies to sites under construction and agricultural land. Allowed to rent plots of land without limiting its size. Minimal rent period: 4 years, maximum - not installed. Foreign firm with Bulgarian participation, ie where at least 1% of the capital belongs to individuals or legal persons Bulgaria has the right to buy the land and forests. The same right has firm registered in Bulgaria, but the founders of which are foreign physical or legal persons. All the legal regulations they do not differ from firms, established by Bulgarian citizens.

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