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Customs control in Bulgaria

Customs control in Bulgaria

The quantitative standards of the goods transported
Knowledge of and compliance with the rules of the customs legislation will help to avoid problems and fines at the border crossing absolutely every state. This is a very important question, which should be treated very carefully.

In the customs legislation of Bulgaria, the list acquired in the country of goods not subject to tax charges that can carry a passenger at least 16 years old at every crossing of the border no more than once per month. Those who cross the border more than once in 30 calendar days can carry with just 20% (the fifth part) of the below products: 

1. Alcoholic beverages
- Alcohol content more than 22% - 1 liter;
- Alcohol content less than 22% - 2 liters;
2. Tobacco products (you are allowed one item from the list)
- Cigarettes - 200 PCs.;
- Cigars - 50 PCs.;
- Smoking tobacco - 250 g;
3. Drugs
- Allowed the export of drugs for personal use in the appropriate packaging and quantity.

Without payment of duties, passengers can import and export personal items. Is often only a verbal Declaration of such things, because during the stay of the passenger in the country they will be under the status of temporary import/export.

Customs Declaration
Customs Declaration is a document provided to passengers to fill it before the check of the customs service. When you enter Bulgaria, the passenger can choose the Declaration made in the Russian language. It make imported goods of high value. Subsequently, the Declaration acts as proof that a specific person was imported specific products that allows to avoid many problems.

In Bulgaria the list of goods that fall under the Declaration. If the product list were not made by the passenger customs Declaration, and was subsequently discovered by the customs officer at the usual place, then this product is withdrawn in favor of the state. The penalty in this case is not superimposed. If such a product had been intentionally hidden from customs officers, he is remitted to the state by the act of infringement.

The import and export of currency
When you enter the country declared cash (carried in cash or travel cheques) worth more than EUR 10 000. Amount up to EUR 10 000 shall be made freely without Declaration. 

Foreign individuals upon departure from Bulgaria are obliged not only to declare exported resources, but also to indicate their origin, for example: funds were brought into the country, transfer from abroad, reward, profit, donation, etc. of export of currency for the sum more than 10 000 euros (or its equivalent in traveller's cheques and jewellery) required Declaration and resolution of the Bulgarian National Bank.

Import and export of precious metals
The foreign exchange law in Bulgaria put forward certain demands in relation to the import and export of precious metals. Allowed free import and export of raw and processed precious stones and metals for personal use without declaring if:

  1. Total weight of gold and platinum (coins inclusive) malwarebites and unprocessed, does not exceed 37 g.
  2. Total weight of jewelry and accessories from alloys of gold does not exceed 60 g.
  3. The total weight of the silver (coins included) and accessories made of alloys does not exceed 300 g.
The list of prohibited import/export of goods
  1. Substances of narcotic nature, their derivatives.
  2. Firearms, ammunition and explosives.
  3. Hazardous chemicals and products.
  4. Food products dangerous to the health of others.
  5. Substances, products, items and designs that Deplete the ozone layer, their use.
  6. Quarantine pests.
  7. Prohibited the export of plants, animals and birds, protected, etc.
It is advisable before you travel to make a request to the customs service and National Veterinary Service about the currently valid rules of import on the territory of Bulgaria.

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