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Bulgaria is a European country, development path, which often intersected with the history of the world civilization. In Bulgaria every year thousands of tourists not only in summer to relax in the resorts of Bulgaria, and in winter to ski, but to experience the culture and traditions of the people of this beautiful country and visit cultural and historical centers of the Balkan Peninsula. In Bulgaria year round, you can improve your health in the Spa resort.


The state system

Bulgaria is a parliamentary Republic. The head of state-President, elected by universal and direct suffrage for a term of five years. Permanent Supreme legislative body - National Assembly anoplate.



Bulgaria is bordered to the East by the Black sea. Bordered by Greece and Turkey to the South, Serbia and Macedonia to the West and Romania to the North, separated from the Danube river. The capital and largest city is Sofia. Most of the country —the mountain ranges of Stara Planina, Sredna Gora, Rila, Pirin, the Rhodopes. Major rivers: Danube, Maritsa, Iskar. Forests occupy about 1/3 of the territory is mainly deciduous. Bulgaria is famous for oil-bearing roses that bloom throughout Kazanlyk valley known as the valley of roses. High in the mountains are very rare and beautiful flowers — spicy edelwise. The world is familiar Bulgarian varieties of tobacco. National parks: Vitosha, Golden Sands, Ropotamo, Steneto and others. Bulgarian coastal strip stretches for 648 km. in some Places its width reaches 100 meters. Ski resorts of Bansko, Pamporovo and Borovets to take fans of winter sports.

Major holidays in the country:

1 January – New year;
January 6 – St Jordan (Epiphany);
February 14 – Trifon Zarezan;
1 March – First spring (Baba Marta);
3 March – Day of Bulgaria's liberation from Ottoman yoke;
March 25 – the Annunciation of the blessed virgin Mary;
1 may – international labour day;
6 may – St. George's day;
May 24 - Day of Slavic literature;
6 September – unification Day of Bulgaria;
22 September – independence Day of Bulgaria;
1 November - Day of national awakeners;
December 24 – Christmas Eve;
December 25 – the Nativity of Christ (Christmas).

The Climate Of Bulgaria

The main part of the country has a temperate continental climate. In the southern part of Bulgaria, in the valleys of the rivers Struma and Places, the climate is Mediterranean. Thanks to the light sea breeze in the summer there is no sweltering heat.

The population
On the territory of Bulgaria is home to around 7 million people. The bulk of the population are Bulgarians, is also home to Greeks, Turks, Armenians and other nationalities. Most believers — Orthodox, there are Sunni Muslims.

The official language
is Bulgarian.

The national currency
is the Bulgarian Lev (1 Euro = 1.95 levs).


The basis of Bulgarian cuisine make up the many dishes of vegetables. Common are dairy products. It is believed that they contribute to the Bulgarian longevity. Reading a menu in a Bulgarian restaurant just by the Bulgarians in a letter in the Cyrillic alphabet. The price of dinner in the restaurant per person — about 5 euros in the restaurant of the middle class for two for about 20 euros.

– in January 2007 Bulgaria joined the European Union. Because of this, the country has experienced macroeconomic stability and positive growth of the economy. However, prices in the country are much lower than in Spain, France, Italy and several other European countries. In the country one of the most liberal legal systems in the field of investment, which at the same time to ensure their safety.

The Capital – Sofia. Major cities – Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Veliko Tarnovo.

Tourism in Bulgaria is one of the most important economic sectors. The majority of tourists visit the resorts or summer, or winter, in accordance with the season.
Bulgaria's black sea coast is a popular destination of beach tourism. The bulk of the tourists arrive from Western and Eastern Europe, Scandinavian countries, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and the UK.

The most popular Bulgarian black sea resorts:


  Golden sands


  Sunny day

  St. Constantine and Elena


  Sunny Beach


Balneotherapy (SPA) resorts:




Ski resorts:





The ski resorts and the black sea, seeking s active update hotel database and mining infrastructure. There are started constructions of new trails.

Foreign policy 

The foreign policy of Bulgaria, in most cases, coincides with major trends in European politics. The main differences from the modern foreign policy of Bulgaria with the European strong economic and other ties with Russia. Bulgaria is a member of the European Union (1 January 2007), NATO (April 20, 2004), the world trade organization since 1 December 1996) and United Nations (14 December 1955).

The armed forces consist of army, Navy and air force. On December 1, 2007. Bulgaria canceled the any service and is fully focused on the professional army.

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