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About Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country on the Balkan Peninsula. The territory of Bulgaria is 110 550 km2. The country is located on the Western coast of the Black sea, in the North it borders with Romania to the West — with Serbia, in the South — with Turkey and Greece. The length of the borders of Bulgaria is 2,264 km. 

The landscape of Bulgaria is very diverse. Dominated by plains and hilly lands – 70%, and mountain ranges occupy only 30% of the whole territory. From West to East in the middle part of the Republic stretches of the Balkan mountains (Stara Planina). In the South and South-West of the country towering mountain ranges: the Rila and Rhodope mountains. To the North is the Danube hilly plain. In southern Bulgaria - the Thracian fertile plain. In Bulgaria a lot of rivers, but only the Danube is navigable. About 1/3 of the country's territory is occupied by forests.

The climate in Bulgaria is moderate continental,while in southern areas are subtropical. Summer is characterized by high temperatures and little rainfall, and winters are rainy and mild. The sunshine duration in summer more than at Mediterranean resorts of France. The maximum temperature occurs in July-August, the air temperature exceeds +28°C. Under the hot rays of the sun, the water warms up quickly, with July to September the water temperature is around 24°C.

The capital of Bulgaria - Sofia (1 million inhabitants), the largest industrial and cultural center of the country. The main ports of Bulgaria – Bourgas on the Black sea and Ruse on the Danube. Stara Zagora is the main railway junction.

The territory of Bulgaria is divided into 28 provinces. The population of Bulgaria is about 8 million people Official language - Bulgarian. The dominant religion is Eastern Orthodox Christianity (85% of the population). Islam is practised by 13% of citizens.

The Republic of Bulgaria maintains diplomatic relations with 130 States. Is a member of the United Nations (since 1955), as well as 300 other international and regional organizations. 
1 January 2007 Bulgaria joined the European Union.

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